Nissan Qashqai+2 7 Seater Car Review

As with most 7 seater cars, this has 6 airbags. Both models have ABS as standard, Brake Assistant, EBD and traction control. The five seater model, which only differs in being slightly smaller, was said to have performed superbly in crash tests recording the highest possible score for adult protection. There are dedicated fittings for child seats to make it easier to remove and install the devices.


BMW X5 7 Seater Car Review

The interior of the BMW X5 7 seater car is similar to that of its predecessors, featuring 5 very comfortable seats. However, the X5 7 seater car features two extra pews that can be assembled by pulling the back upright. You can easily reach back from the side doors to assembly them, but you can choose to lean in from the boot as well. The middle-seats of the X5 slide via a release lever you can find on the outside shoulder back.

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