Mazda 5 7 Seater Car Review

Seating of Mazda 5

Some review sites say of the Mazda 5 7 seater car that it is not a true seven seater. The middle row is not particularly spacious and, as with other smaller vehicles in the class, the back seats are only suitable for small children. The middle seats are adjustable but because of the limited space, it will not change the arrangement to any great advantage. The middle seat on the back row is very small but can be adjusted into an arm rest, making the vehicle a far more comfortable six seater.

Storage of Mazda 5

This Mazda 7 seater has 45 individual storage spaces around the vehicle; it is attempting to make good use of some very limited space. With both back rows folded flat it has in the region of 1500L. This should be enough for a couple of buggies and most of what you might want to take on a camping trip. With all seats up, it is a very unimpressive 112L which is approximately one buggy and a few bags.

Access of Mazda 5

This is one of only a few models in its class with rear sliding doors so you needn’t worry about damaging other people’s vehicles. It also means that it will be easier for anybody in the back or middle rows to get in and out, even where the parking spots are narrow. There is plenty of head room, lots of leg room in the front but as stated, the middle row seems slightly smaller than most other 7 seater cars.

Parking of Mazda 5

In reference to the above sliding doors, worrying about parking in tight spaces is far less of an issue with the design as you will not have to worry about whether there is enough space to open the door and for an adult to get out. All 7 seater cars are, understandably, larger than most other family vehicles so this is a good selling point. It is 4585mm in length, 1988mm wide and 1615mm high.

Models of Mazda 5

The Mazda 5 7 seater currently comes in one model – the “Venture” but there are several configurations by which to customise the vehicle.

Models of Mazda 5

The Mazda 5 7 seater currently comes in one model – the “Venture” but there are several configurations by which to customise the vehicle.

Insurance Group of Mazda 5

The petrol model is between groups 12 and 16; diesel is group 16. This makes it lower and cheaper than similar models of other manufacturers.


Safety of Mazda 5

Tests on the Mazda 5 7 seater was rated by NCAP under the old system (in 2005) at 33 for adult occupants (very high), 32 for child occupant (medium-high) and 12 for pedestrians (medium). There are isofix points in the two rear seats but not on the front seats and plenty of space to fit other standard child seats. Both front seats have airbags and there are side (curtain) airbags for extra safety and peace of mind. Earlier models did not have airbag warning stickers so on this fact the vehicle would have lost points. It comes with anti-skid control and other drivers aids as standard but reviewers state that this model has superior grip and so these features may be unnecessary.

Purchase Price of Mazda 5

From £19,995

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