Kia Carens 7 Seater Car Reviews

Seating Of Kia Carens

All back seats of this Kia 7 seater car can be flattened to increase storage space. With all seats up, there is just 103L in the boot which is enough for a small quantity of luggage and perhaps a buggy, but not much more than that. With the middle seats down this increases to 492L which is comparable to other vehicles in its class. With all seats down it is a fairly average 1667L. It is a lot of space, enough for a camping trip, buggies and luggage but there are vehicles with significantly more than this.


Seating Of Kia Carens

The Kia Carens 7 seater car is one of the better examples back row space. In most cases, only small children can sit in the back but the Carens has enough leg room for teenagers or smaller adults so that they won’t feel uncomfortable on a journey. Overall, the two back rows have sufficient space for adults and plenty of head room.

Access Of Kia Carens

This is one of only a few 7 seater cars to have sliding doors on the side. This is always a distinct advantage for accessing those narrow parking spots, especially if you have small children to lift in and out of the vehicle. Access to the back row is not particularly good which is surprising for vehicles with sliding doors. The access problems are purely because the middle row seats do not slide forward very far.

Parking Of Kia Carens

The inclusion of sliding doors is always a bonus in 7 seater cars so here the Carens is at an advantage. Parking assistant technology comes as optional extras, which helps to bring down the price if the driver feels that such features are unnecessary. It is 4525mm in length, 1805mm wide and 1605mm high.


Models Of Kia Carens

The Kia Carens 7 seater comes in three different models. They are “1”, “2” and “3”. Most review sites say this new version is a significantly improved design over the older models, a much more pleasurable drive and more stylish. The 1 and 2 come in a choice of 1.6L (petrol) or 1.7L (diesel), the 3 is available only as a 1.7L diesel.

Fuel Economy  Of Kia Carens

This Kia 7 seater has recorded some impressive figures. The 1.6L models have recorded 44.1mpg (combined) and the 1.7L models report 60.1mpg. The model 2 with a 1.7L engine recorded 46.3mpg and the model 3 at 56.3mpg. For the 1 and 2 models, emissions are 149g/km for the 1.6L and 124g/km for the 1.7L. For the diesel model 2, that is 159g/km and the 3 recorded 132g/km.

Insurance Group  Of Kia Carens

Models 1 and 2 are presently insurance group 12 and 13, model 2 diesel version is group 16, as is the model 3.


Safety Of Kia Carens

NCAP tests on the Kia Carens 7 seater (pre 2009 tests so rated on the old system) revealed the following scores: 27 for adult occupants (high), 34 for child occupants (medium-high) and 9 for pedestrians (low). There are ISOFIX points in the back seats and easy fitting for other child seats in the middle row. There are front driver and passenger airbags; it also has side (curtain) airbags which is something not always available on this class of vehicle. All three versions come with ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and VSM (Vehicle Stability Management) as well as a cruise control and speed limiter.

Purchase Price Of Kia Carens

From £16,895.

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