Ford S-Max 7 Seater Car Review

Seating Of Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max 7 seater car is a spacious and comfortable model in its class. The front two rows are spacious with plenty of leg and head room, suitable for children and adults and you can easily fit child seats in the middle row. With the back two seats, like a lot of vehicles in the class, it is possible for adults to sit in but they will be uncomfortable. Ideally, these seats should be reserved for children. Middle rows can be slid forward and back for extra space.


Storage Of Ford S-Max

As 7 seater cars go, this model has a lot of storage space. When all seven seats are up it records 285L of space which is slightly less than average, enough space for a buggy or two but not much more. With both back row seats flattened it boasts over 2000 litres of storage space, making it incredibly spacious. This will be more than enough to store buggies and camping equipment without needing to skimp too much on luggage. It has a large number of cubbies for extra storage, particularly useful are the overhead storage bins.

Access Of Ford S-Max

One of the major selling points of 7 seater cars is that the seats are foldable to increase space. Unfortunately, it appears that the back row is a little difficult to fold flat. This could be an issue if you purchase it mostly for camping trips or otherwise carrying a lot of equipment (you may wish to use it as a van because of the extra space). There is otherwise plenty of room to get in and out but the back seats are not particularly easy for adults to access.

Parking Of Ford S-Max

All 7 seater cars are large and bulky and this is no exception. It is 4770mm in length, 1885mm wide and 1660mm high. Due to its size and lack of space in the back, it perhaps could have done with sliding doors instead of the standard fold out of a normal five door vehicle. It comes with parking sensors as standard and the two Titanium models come with a rear parking camera; this is not available on the Zetec.

Models Of Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max 7 seater comes in three options: The Zetec, Titanium and Titanium X Sport. There is a variety of engine choices between 1.6L and 2.2L

Fuel Economy Of Ford S-Max

Tests of this Ford 7 seater revealed some good mpg rates: The 2.0L Zetec is 40.4mpg (urban) and 58.9mpg (extra urban) and 50.4mpg (combined). Other models and variations are comparable for models of their size. The ecoboost option on the 1.6L engine boasts an impressive 41.7mpg

Insurance Group  Of Ford S-Max

Depending on the model and engine size, insurance will typically between groups 15 and 27.

Safety Of Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max 7 seater was rated by NCAP under the old system at 33 for adult occupant and was award the maximum five stars. It was rated at 39 for child occupants (high) and 13 for pedestrians (medium). This makes it one of the safest in its class. There are ISOFIX points in all back seats and regular car seats are easy to fit. It has a number of airbags: front passenger, side head and side body airbags for extra safety. ABS, EBD and ESP all come as standard to give that little bit of extra comfort and security.

Purchase Price Of Ford S-Max

From £22,805

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