Ford Galaxy 7 Seater Car Review

Seating of Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy 7 seater car has large cabin which seats 7 adults comfortably. Second and third row seats can slide forward and backward. The seats are easy to adjust and can be configured in a number of formations e.g. 2+2+2 by easily folding away the centre seat of the second row.


Storage  of Ford Galaxy

There is plenty of storage with the Ford Galaxy fold flat system. The second and third row seats can fold completely away thus creating a flat load floor. Making the changes is very easy. Moreover, with just the third row folded there is a good balance between luggage and passenger space.

Access of Ford Galaxy

The Galaxy comes with sliding doors which allows easy access in tight parking spaces. Access to the third row of seats is simple and kids can get straight in to the back through a walk-way created by the centre seat being folded away.

Parking of Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy 7 seater is a large car with dimensions 4.82m length and 2.15m width. The steering is easy and the car’s lofty driving position helps visibility. However, parking sensors and rear camera, where fitted, are invaluable when it comes to those tight parking spaces.

Models of Ford Galaxy

The Galaxy has a range of models with around 19 versions of the newer model. Depending on your requirements and your budget you can kit it out to suit your needs. A typical model is the 1.6TDCi Eco Zetec S/S 5dr but you could go for the more powerful 2.0 litre model. The Galaxy is a stylish and comfortable family car and comes with plenty of gadgets to keep the kids amused on those long journeys. You can also check what they’re up to with the child observation mirror. Other accessories (optional) include electric air conditioning and blue tooth hands free control system.


Fuel Economy of Ford Galaxy

Fuel economy is dependent on the model and, of course, whether you opt for the diesel or petrol version. However, the miles per gallon range for the 1.6TDCi Eco Zetec S/S 5dr is from 29.1 (town) and 48.7 (out of town) with an average of 39.2. The CO2 emission for this model is 167g/km.

Safety of Ford Galaxy

Some safety features include – front and side airbags, emergency brake assist, collapsible steering column.

Purchase Price of Ford Galaxy

From: £24,955

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