7 seater cars

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Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet Orlando had bold SUV design, easy access, spacious cabin with multiple seat configuration and lots of adjustment in seats. The second row of seats has lot of rooms and can easily fit three adults.

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Volvo XC90

You get plenty of cabin space with Volvo XC90 7 seater car and seating is very comfortable. There is plenty of head and legroom in the front and middle row but the third row of seats are ideal for children.

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Seat Alhambra 7 Seater Car Review

Seat Alhambra 7 seater car has a good cabin space but the third row of seats cater well for smaller passengers. There is good leg and shoulder room in the middle row of seats which can also slide forward and backward. The back seats come with ISOFIX seat mountings. Both second and third row of seats fold flat quickly and easily to create a flat loading bay. There is excellent boot space when the third rows of seats are folded flat;

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Renault Grand Scenic 7 Seater Car Review

The back two rows of the Renault Grand Scenic 7 seater car are surprisingly more spacious than a lot of models within this range; it is said that even adults can sit on the back row so that gives it an advantage already above some others in this class. However, rather bizarrely, the middle seats cannot be flattened. They can be leant forward, such as with the front seats on any other vehicle or they can be removed.